Busy busy

Where does the time go? This new part time job plus the freelance, networking is taking up pretty much every ounce of brain power I have. Walking into an office where everyone knows each other was one of the scariest things I’ve done recently but it was all good. I’m settled in now and making good progress.

Networking is more fun than I thought it would be. I’m averaging 3 meetings a week, it’s a little like I imagine alcoholics anonymous to be, the first time you stand up in front of strangers and say “hello, my name is kerrie and I’m……” is the hardest. I’ve met and collected over 100 business cards from people in the last couple of months and it’s good for my soul to introduce myself to so many people. Not one of them has said anything negative, I’ve had a couple of “I’ve heard of you” from people but it seems I’m not as infamous as I thought.


I’ve even been painting a bit recently. Nothing amazing but it’s so relaxing. Had a lovely mothers day yesterday and am relishing every second I get with the kids (currently on sofa, u see duvet watching ice age 4 for the millionth time)

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