New Job

I’ve been for lots of interviews this year, some for jobs in publishing, some back in IT, lots of general office jobs. I had one interview last Thursday which I was looking forward to. I’d spoken to the MD on the phone and done my usual tell them all about me, suggested that they google me before they interview me etc.  He actually said he didn’t give a shit about that but thanks for telling him. He said that he had read one line of my CV and knew that I could work well for them. I have a really bizarre mix on my CV of commercial IT and publishing. It doesn’t make sense to most people but sometimes it just works.

So, I went for the interview. Really liked the people. Had a good feeling.

Towards the end of the first hour the MD sat back in his chair and said, so how does this all sound? Are you going to join us? We talked about hours, salary, roles etc and came to an agreement then and there. He took me into the main office, introduced me to everyone and I start next week.


Its not full time, but its enough money to make me not panic about my rent every month while at the same time giving me my hours to work on my freelance work that’s building up nicely.

Its funny how people who own their own businesses all shake their heads at me when I say that I’m not going to run my own company again and look at me as if I’m a child. I really mean that though. I’m happy freelancing and now that I have a perm job working for someone else I’m even happier. Its all good.

I do know that some of you reading this won’t be happy for me and will continue to follow me around and  haunt me forever  but that’s OK. You actually can’t hurt me any more, because I’m not doing anything wrong so carry on if you want to. I’m OK, and I think its a little sad that you’re not.

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