The blog that they didn’t want you to read

Hello everyone, I hope lots of you have found the link here today. This is my blog which the powers that be in the Ravelry group that hates me didn’t want you to find out about.

Some of the moderators of the group have been visiting here regularly, see? But they’ve never told you about the site in the group – I don’t know why. Maybe you can ask them. Maybe its because the group is all about slagging me off and nobody wants to read the painful truth that I write here, who knows. Ask them.


That group is pitched at being the shining light of truth, the one who shows all these poor innocent people just how evil I am. But in fact that’s quite the opposite. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are a member of that group you are responsible in some small way for the failure of my business which you all hold me up and hate me for.  Because words can kill, people and businesses and no matter what you think of me, your actions have been much, much more shameful than mine ever were.

So, make yourself at home. Comment if you want to, ask me anythign you like. Here are a few facts for you :

– I do not run a company, I do not employ staff. – I am freelancing, earning money to pay my rent and feed my kids. Nobody is being hurt by this.
– Everyone who I work with knows about my past mistakes. Very few people seem to care. You are the ones who look stupid when you send your emails with your links in to my new customers and friends.

I am finally happy for the first time in years. I won’t let any of you spoil that for me. I’m not hurting anyone. Please go away and leave me alone.


Edit – if you’re new here start reading with this entry which sums up a lot

and then move on to one of the ones below. Or just read everything. Its a scary yet honest look into my mind. You won’t like it much, but that’s not my problem.



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