This week

This week is mental again. Its half term which doesn’t affect me too much as I have the best childminder in the world, it does mean that the kids are around more than they usually are but I seem to have countered that by being out of the house nearly all week.

With 6 customer meetings, 3 networking events, a trip to mum and dads house and the possibility of an interview for a perm job that my ex hubby found me, I’m not sure when I’m going to find time to finish off the 3 websites that I’m due to deliver this week or work on my book that I’ve started writing.

Its all very good, being so busy. The suits that I used to wear to work pre magazine days are all being dragged out of the wardrobe again and my lovely comfy DM boots have been replaced with heels. The kids have stopped asking me why I look pretty when I go out (clearly I’d spent too many months slobbing about in jeans and DMS!) and now just treat it as normal that I’ll be picking them up wearing a dress, tights and heels.

I’m still not used to it. My self confidence needs a big fat kick up the bum. Going out and meeting tonnes of new people each week and telling them all about me, and the business, and my failures and my mistakes is helping my self confidence. That sounds backwards doesn’t it? I assumed that it would cause me more problems but its shocking how many people have had similar (or larger!) failures in their past. One woman who I am working with a lot at the moment is an insolvency practitioner – that made me pause before approaching her but it worked out well. Being honest about who I am and the msitakes I’ve made is working out for me.

The half crazed internet hysteria still exists though. A lot of the ringleaders visit here regularly – I love my site stats. They tell me SO much.

Now its time to go and put on those heels and pimp myself out again, 4 meetings today. Not THAT kind of pimping myself out, I’m not that desperate any more!

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