This week

This week is slightly mental for me in terms of leaving my comfort zone (my house) and getting out there in the real world.  I have no less than

– 4 meetings with people I don’t know / hardly know- the part time day job
– a trip to the cinema planned to see the new Die Hard movie. Love Bruce. – a day temping in a new office where I won’t know anyone. Eek.

It’s also Valentines day which is going to be a little strange. First one on my own for 18 years (including hubby and exes) Technically I was on my own last year as hubby was away at a family funeral but that doesn’t really count does it? I don’t even have the kids here this year so REALLY on my own, good job that Thursday is the day I’m temping, at least I’ll be in an office all day with people. You never know, one of them might offer to take me out for dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I don’t know what is more scary, the thought of being single for ever or the thought of being chatted up by someone.  Ugh, yes I do. I’m quite happy being single thanks, lets not look to change that any time soon. I like me for the first time in years. Still, Valentines day as a single person for the first time in HALF MY LIFE is going to be an odd one.

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