I need to get back into running again, its the routine that I find hard to organise. On the days that the kids are with their dad its easy (ish) to find the time in between work, eating, sleeping and my wild social life (hahaha) but on the days that they are with me its pretty impossible. I can’t take all 4 of them with me, and I can’t leave them at home on their own while I run. I’ve been tempted to talk to next door’s teenager about babysitting just for half an hour but then I can’t afford to pay her. So there is no real win there, unless I run laps of my garden on the days that I have the kids, but my garden is very small and my neighbours already think I’m insane.

I love to run.

It really relaxes me, I am both competitive and antisocial so its the perfect exercise. I can beat my last lap time, my average speed, my fastest mile per minute while all the time not needing to speak to other people. I once ended up running with 2 guys who I turned onto the track to at the same time and it wasn’t good. They felt obliged to talk, I felt obliged to alter my pace to fit with them. It wasn’t fun. I love to run and count my footsteps, to synch my breathing with my steps. I don’t listen to music or anything, I just run, and breathe and count.

Talking of my wild social life, its coming up to my bi-monthly night out where I spend less than £10 and feel very old sitting in a pub drinking diet coke and watching all the young attractive people have fun. How are you supposed to socialise when you’re close to 40 and don’t really know many people where you live? Oh, and when you are too antisocial to go to gyms and work with a random selection of people who you would not choose to spend time with outside of work? Answers on a postcard to……

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