Cake pops



This afternoon I will be mostly making cake pops. I’ve got work this morning, will be home by 2 and then I will be making some pops to eat with the kids when we get home from school. They probably won’t look quite as pretty as these and certainly not as amazing as those that the ever amazing Cake Pop princess makes but I find it very therapeutic.

Cooking in general relaxes me. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday morning and managed to ground myself by making a chilli con carne lasagne. The repetition, the stirring, the weighing, the mixing just calms me down. I love to cook, not the “everyone is hungry and we need to eat now and all 4 kids want attention at once” kind of cooking that I’ll be doing tonight but the time and space and glass of diet dr pepper in one hand kind of cooking.

I love that my kids have inherited this. My 12yo is a master pancake maker and she came to me the other week having fallen out with one of her friends and was feeling isolated, lonely and cross. We snggled on the sofa for a bit, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and that she was beautiful and that she would sort thigns out with her friend and as many other platitudes that I could think of. After about 5 minutes she asked me if she could make and ice a batch of cupcakes to help her calm down. I think this is a great skill for children to have, to know that if they are feeling panicky or upset that they can do something to make them feel calm again. My 8yo son uses hoovering for this. Suits me down to the ground, when he gets upset he asks to hoover. The white noise and repetitve actions soothes him.

What do you do to calm yourself down, to ground yourself when you are feeling low? I either bake, knit or abandon everything and retreat to the sofa with the kids.

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