This week

So, the snow has quite scuppered my plans for this week. I had an interview scheduled for this morning, for a job that’s soooo mine it’s just not true. But he has now cancelled because of the snow. I was then supposed to go and meet an old friend for lunch that I haven’t seen for YEARS but again, cancelled because of the snow.  Gives me time to get on with some freelance work though I guess.

I’m enjoying the freelancing but it’s just not quite regular enough for me not to worry every day about feeding the kids and making rent. If I could get another couple of regular clients it would be ok. The work is coming, just not enough to be a proper job. I know that once I get out there more with the networking groups I’ve joined it will be easier, it just takes time. And time is something that my landlord and utilities providers aren’t too happy with!

I’ve had so many interviews recently. A couple I know I haven’t got and some I’m still waiting for feedback on. One would change my life in sooo many ways but I don’t think I’ll get it. I’m torn between a small local job or heading back into the IT in the city world. I hope that the next 3/4 weeks will bring something.

I’m temping for 2 weeks soon. Receptionist. That will be good. Haha.

But today is another snow day. So its sledging, then hot chocolate, post office then freelance work.

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