Lindylou, I’m disappointed in you. All of you in fact. It took you over 12 hours to get here, that’s shocking.  I know you’ve spent most of your day today making lots of phone calls but still, I’d have thought you’d have found your way here sooner.  Poor.  Very poor indeed. Call yourself a stalker?  You suck.

Lets clarify a few things shall we :

Go and read my post called goodbye 2012 or whatever it was called.

I’m not running any business at the moment. Businesses that have employed me over the last 8 months since my company failed have been attacked and have had to step back from working with me. These are family and friends. This hurts. By attacking their businesses in such a cold mannered and to be frank fucking cowardly way without leaving your name you have proved that you are just pathetic.

I will never run a business again. Happy now? I’m trying to work honestly for a living to look after me and my children.

Action is being taken against all of this, hating me is one thing but phoning all the customers of one of my employers business to tell them about my past is shocking. And illegal, did you know that?

I can look at myself in the mirror and know that ALL the mistakes I made were made with the best intentions at heart. I never deliberately tried to cause hurt to anyone. But that is what you are doing.

DELIBERATELY trying to ruin peoples lives. Not just mine, those of my children, family and friends.

Can you all do the same?

Bitches, the lot of you. Now fuck off and stop being bullies, surely you all have better things to do? Families to look after? Bloody socks to knit?

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