Mental Health check, part 3

I know I’ve described my mental health as a walk along the edge of a cliff before. I was explaining to hubby the other day how my 2 tier scoring system for each day where I give a score for my mental health and a score for my day.
So the lovely day that I had shopping with my 12 yo was an 8/10 for the day but something like a 4/10 for the mental health score. I am capable of having good days while depressed, but they come at a price. Some days I float through the hours feeling confident and in control and other days I have to force myself to get out of bed, eat, drink and behave like a human.
The last week has been easier in many ways. I’ve had some really good mental health days as well as some just good days. I’m about to enter the dark period of my week without the kids but even that wasn’t too bad last week – I’m learning to fill my space and time with things that please me rather than letting myself just sit in one spot and stare at the wall all day.


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