Abyss of the disheartened

Abyss of the disheartened by Heather Landis.

I found this photo by chance, but now can’t stop looking at it.

It is me.

There are so many interpretations and I’m sure everyone would see something different but this is what I see.

A woman, she is drowning. The water is up above her mouth. Soon she won’t be able to breathe any more and she will die. She is relaxed, she has given up, she is not struggling, she just is.

She has a man there with her but I’m not sure if he is holding her under or trying to save her. He has his arms wrapped tightly around her and his foot is on the floor, her feet are not on the floor, she is so close to drowning.  Is he standing on the floor, taller than her so with his head above water, and clinging onto her – holding her in place even though he knows she will drown if he doesn’t let go?

Or is he about to push up and carry her above the water and save her.

I don’t know.

Does she know?

Does he?

Either way I know that he loves her. His arms are wrapped so tightly around her, his hands are spread wide like he is trying to touch as much of her as possible. His leg is wrapping up around her in a strangely sexual way.

But is he about to kill her or save her?

I feel really drawn to this image, it is disturbing, passionate and beautiful.  Bit like me.  Ha ha.


Edited to add – and now I’ve discovered its a book cover!  Have ordered the book from amazon.

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