Birth story – number 4

I thought I had written out all of my birth stories but it seems I missed out on number 4!

At my 20 week scan hubby and I were told that she was going to be big. This didn’t worry me, the last 2 had been over 9 pounds and I was prepared for another big baby. They asked me to come back in 4 weeks for another scan to check the growth. This didn’t help anyone as I was then told that the baby was going to be exceptionally large and that I might need to consider a cesarian.

Having had 3 babies with no pain relief at all this wasn’t an option for me. I went back for numerous scans and checks and they kept reiterating how large the baby was going to be and that they wanted to induce me at 38 weeks. I would have much prefered that they leave me alone to give birth naturally but in the end I was forced to give up my planned birth at the midwife led unit and agree to be induced 2 weeks early at the big hospital.

I turned up on the Monday morning, waited around for a few hours, and was examined and sent home. Back again on Tuesday morning while they started the induction. I was in no way ready, being not dilated at all and by Wednesday afternoon I was very bored indeed. I’d had 2 attempts at induction and the midwives were starting to mutter about consultants and taking other action.

The midwife I had on Wednesday was lovely, she totally understood my concerns about too much interference but did say that if I hadn’t started contracting properly by Thursday morning she would not be able to keep the consultant out of it. We both agreed that the mild contractions I was having would be helped along by my waters breaking and she agreed to have a go.

Poor baby was still so high up she couldn’t easily reach the bag of water. I was about 1cm dilated at this point and we ended up with hubby pressing down on the top of my stomach to get baby to move down far enough that midwife could break my waters. It worked and within an hour I was having nice contractions.

Because I was high risk and had had 3 quick labours before it was down to the labour room with me. I hadn’t realised that I would have to be on the monitor for the WHOLE of my labour, this wasn’t nice at all. I was determined to try and go natural again but scared that having been induced from being not ready at all  it would be too difficult.

The 2 lovely midwives downstairs in labour room were great. They pretty much left me to it and hubby and I did our thing. He chatted, I ignored him and walked around as much as I could (given the fact that I was hooked up to a monitor)

Within 2 hours of being in the labour room I had gone from 1cm to 6cm. It started to get painful and I worried I wouldn’t be able to do it without drugs. The midwives were great and encouraging without being pushy. I said that I wanted to be done and back to a TV in time for Spooks but in the end that didn’t happen.

I can remember being so close, wanting to push and the midwives being down the other end of the room chatting amongst themselves. Hubby called them over and they examined me and said oh go on then if you want to.  2 pushes and she was out, all 9 pounds 10 of her – not the 12 pound monster we’d been promised.

She was perfect. Within 10 minutes the midwives were fetching me tea and toast and I was breastfeeding her and on the phone to my mum. She was so determined to feed that seh managed to keep drinking even when I was violently sick with hubby running around the room fetching bowls for me. An hour after she was born I had had a bath and was up in my lovely private room with her.

I came home the next day in time to pick the big kids up from school. Despite the fact that I was in hospital for the longest time than with any of them and had to be induced and strapped to a monitor this was probably one of the most straightforward labours out of all of them.

I’ve been blessed with my pregnancy and labours. All 4 of them have been perfect. Shame I’m not goign to get to do it again, but really – 4 is enough…

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