I’m going to set myself some goals for October. Nice easy goals that I will stick to without feeling too overwhelmed by them. I know that by doing things I enjoy that my mood will improve, the black dog has never been so put in his place as when I was running regularly. So here goes with my goals for October.

Wear something other than jeans at least two days a week.
Run three times a week. Just a mile a time if that’s all I can fit in.
Eat a proper meal every day. Even when the kids aren’t here! I enjoy cooking but get lazy.
Write for at least half an hour. Every day.
Spend half an hour a day either reading, knitting, sewing, baking or doing something like that.

Its also time to be a little bit positive around here. So here are some good things that have happened this week.

1 – amazing conversations with hubby about me, and us, and him and where we are and what we’ve been through and whether I’m going to survive this! He constantly surprises me with what he is learning about himself and about our relationship and how he deals with it. Big high 5 to him. xx
2 – Good work meeting in Bar Hill. I work with some clever people, we need to remind ourselves of that more often.
3 – Evening on the sofa watching DVDs with my beautiful 12 year old. She is so good for me at the moment, she loves me unconditionally and is so grown up and funny.
4 -Shopping with my lovely big girl. We had the best day ever.

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