I recently found a novel that I started to write 9 years ago.  Its about a married couple with children, the dad is a stay at home dad and the mum works full time.

It currently stands at around 35,000 words. I wonder if I can get back into writing it again and see where it ends up…  Here is a little 500 word snippet from the end of the first chapter :


Scott sat happily in his high chair, playing with the rabbit that was attached to the tray with a sucker on the bottom.  He really was a good kid, would keep himself occupied for ages.  Bless him.  Sarah smiled fondly at him as she pottered around the kitchen, tidying up the debris that Gary had left out earlier.  She supposed she should be grateful that he had made toast but all she felt was mildly resentful that he hadn’t managed to tidy up after himself.

The microwave pinged at the same time as she shut the fridge door having put the margarine away and quickly wiped down the work surface.  She took the now bubbling hot baby food out of the microwave and stood it on the side to cool down while she found a clean bib and poured some water into a bottle for Scott.

“right then, its nearly dinner time.  Are you ready?  Yum yum, look what you’ve got tonight.  Lovely lovely beef stew, is that your favourite?  I think so, you ate it all up last time we had this, are you going to be a good boy and eat it all up again?  Lets just put that bib on you and then we’re ready to go.”

Pulling up a stool and sitting down in front of the highchair, Sarah started to feed the baby his dinner.  She had turned off the radio in the kitchen that had been playing when she got in from work earlier and shut both the bedroom and the kitchen doors.  This meant that the room was nice and quiet and all she could hear as she fed Scott was the sound of her own voice chatting away to him about nothing in particular and his happy gurgles as he ate his dinner.

“So have you had a good day, Scottie?  What have you been doing, did you go to Carla’s house?  Did you see all your friends?  You’re a good boy aren’t you, I bet you had a lovely day, playing with all those toys and reading those books.  What did you have for your lunch?  Something really healthy and home made I guess, Carla is good to you isn’t she?  Did you have a yoghurt for pudding or a banana?  You love bananas don’t you?  Shall mummy see if I can find you a banana to eat after you’ve finished all that lovely stew?”

Sarah had always talked too much to her children, when Ben was first born she used to wander around the supermarket with him, chatting away about all the shopping they were going to do.  Telling him all the different colours and shapes that she could see.  Most people who saw her looked at her as if she was slightly mad but she didn’t care.  She loved talking to her boy and the look on his face as he watched her speaking and pointed to the different things that she was talking about felt like the most special thing in the world.  Hearing everything that she had taught him being repeated to her when he was learning to talk made her feel like this was the most important job she would ever have.  Who cared if people looked at her oddly?

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