I’ve been having bad nightmares this last week, I’m not prepared to write about the main recurring one because its my own fault that I’m dreaming about it at the moment and its something I need to deal with myself and not burden anyone else with.

But the other night I had another nightmare as well, three times in total. It was a Friday, the day of my funeral and I was still alive. I was walking around the small town I grew up in with some friends, who were all getting increasingly fed up with me because I was supposed to be dead.  Everyone was concerned that there were loads of people who were arriving in town for my funeral and didn’t I know that I was really supposed to have been dead by now.

I kept assuring everyone that don’t worry, we have a few hours until the funeral and I promise I will be dead by then. I was worrying about whether or not I should shave my legs and what I should wear and was getting really upset that I had let people down by not being dead. I knew that if I didn’t keep my side of the bargain and die in the next hour or so that someone would euthanize me and I remember wondering if I should just walk into the hospital and ask them to get on with it.

I’ve done a bit of google research and dreaming of your own death is supposed to mean an end of part of your life which makes sense I suppose as I’ve moved out of my home and away from my husband. It was a really strange nights sleep with that dream in its entirety twice and partially once plus the recurring bad dream I have as well. I don’t seem to be able to recognise when I’m having a nightmare any more, I used to be able to wake myself up but not any more.  I should probably google some natural remedies for getting rid of nightmares…

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