Words are my life. They have always been part of my life. They have been my downfall at times but have also led to many, many great opportunities.

I love words. I love to write, I love to read, I love to talk but not on the phone.

Its taken a long while for me to identify myself as a writer.  For years I’ve been a blogger, a diary writer. An emailer, a letter writer. I’ve been an editor, a sub editor, a features editor, a managing editorI’ve written articles but never thought of myself as a writer.

Somehow that has changed now. I am identifying with myself as a writer. Is that what I am? I think its part of what I am, of who I am? How big a part, is the question for me.

I’ve lost my reading mojo at the moment, have ever since I told my husband that I was leaving him. This seems to have been replaced with my writing mojo. I’d like to be a reader again at some point. I’m not sure at this point whether I ever will be or not. I hope so. Until then I’ll have to be a writer.

Recommend me some books people. Get me reading again?

I’ve just finished reading this book which I’m reviewing for a magazine that I write for.

Lucky Man – Carl Rae

I have known Carl for a few months on twitter and asked for a copy of the book as I’d been given free rein to review any 3 current books for an upcoming commission and was curious as to what it would be like.  The book is about a man who wins the Euro Millions and tries to help as many people as he can without ever admitting publicly that he was the lucky winner.

The main character in the book, Paul Sommers, is an ex marine with a kind and large heart. I love Carl’s voice in the book and the story is told in an interesting way, keeps you reading and wanting to find out what happens next.  I’d give it an 8/10 – you’d have to read my full review when its published to find out EXACTLY what I thought.


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