Some good news

I’ve been overdue some good news this week, specifically some good financial news, and I received a little bit today.

I had an outstanding claim for a big chunk of money. It was divided into 5 parts. The first 3 parts are all joined together into one section, and then there are 2 more parts to it. I was told at the beginning that the first 4 parts were fairly guaranteed but the 5th one was a gamble. Then I learned that all 5 parts would not happen because of someone else’s total fuck up.

This almost destroyed me.

But my husband persuaded me to fight, and helped me fight, and today I received a letter saying that I would receive payment for the 5th part. No mention of the other 4 parts but now I’m obviously hoping that because I’ve won the fight on the difficult one that the others will follow tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please?

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