I have lots of blog posts written and scheduled but I’m struggling with my voice at the moment. I seem to be doing OK on twitter where conversations are fast paced and short but find that I re-read my blog posts and can’t connect with them. I still have a long way to go until I feel completely at peace with myself, I’ve been in my new house for almost a month and yet still don’t feel as though I’ve found my routine.

Now that we are getting into the swing of kid arrangements and who has them on which nights I think it will be easier. I need to get out there and make some friends locally. I need to exercise more. I’m losing weight which is great (I want to lose about 3 stone in all to get back to where I was at my happiest) but that is only because I’m hardly eating anything, I need to make sure I keep up my running and cycling.  I miss the 4 miles a day on my bike to and from my old job near my old house.

On the days that I don’t have the kids I also don’t have a car so I need to cycle to get anywhere. If I can sneak in a run most days instead of a lunch hour then I think I’ll be well on my way to trying to get fitter.

So much going on in my head I’m struggling to get it out and focus. I think I just need to get back into the habit of writing every day whether or not I think its good writing.

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