Almost there

Everything is so hard here at the moment, I have the keys to my new house in my hand but what I don’t have is any furniture or any money to buy anything.  My tax credit application is in and will be backdated but could take 3 weeks to process.  My child benefit comes in at the end of next week and I think I’ll be using that to buy a cheapy second hand sofa and a fridge.  When I get paid at the end of the month I’ll be buying a bed for me.

I’m hoping that my parents are going to honour their promise to buy me a TV but I am not counting on it. If they don’t then I’ll have to wait until my first batch of tax credits come in.

I’m moving out on Monday, but moving some stuff in tomorrow. I’m going to be living in the house on my own for the first 2 weeks while I leave the children with their dad. This gives them the chance to finish the summer holidays in what they know as their house, surrounded by their friends and not in a big empty house with no fridge, food or TV with me.

This does, however, mean that I will be living alone in an empty house. With no mobile or 3g coverage, no landline, no broadband and no bed. I have borrowed a blow up mattress so I should be OK. Sigh.

I’ll post some photos of each room as I get it done.  The order is going to be :

Little girls room

Eldest daughters room

Son’s room



My room

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