Baby number 3

I knew that I wanted 3 children. I always had. Hubby was happy with 2 but I told him every day, every single day that I would have a third child. This isn’t the last time I’m going to breastfeed a baby you know? I told him when my son was 10 minutes old, covered in shit and screaming in my arms that I was totally doing it again. That I wasn’t done, that I loved every second of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and that we WOULD have more children.

In all honesty he wasn’t bothered about having any more. But we did. Again, I got pregnant as soon as I stopped taking my pill. I had another tough pregnancy according to the books but it was fine. I opted to have this baby at a local midwife run unit, not in a hospital. I loved it there, so friendly.

On my due date I woke up at 2am having contractions. It took an hour for my parents to get to us and 20 minutes for us to get in. So that made it what, about 3.30 before the midwife examined me. I was 4cm dilated. She told us to go home. I refused. She said 3rd babies were hard and that I would be in labour for many hours yet. I ignored her. She told me that she had one other mother who was labouring and no other midwife on duty and that I could stay as long as I looked after myself. Fine with me.

I paced around for a while, had a bath and knew that I was getting closer.  At 5am I felt huge amounts of pressure.  I sent hubby to find her. She clucked back into the room, telling me that I was nowhere near ready to have the baby and that the lady next door was 9.5cm and needed her more than me. She examined me, I was 9cm and my waters hadn’t broken.

She looked horrified. Realised that she was going to have to deliver 2 babies at the same time. The other baby was the first one for the mum, I told her to go back next door. She was not prepared to break my waters as this would be irresponsible. I hung out with hubby, breathing and trying not to push and telling myself it would be OK. My waters broke by themselves. Hubby ran next door. The midwife came in and 2 pushes later my second daughter was born. Hubby cut the cord, baby was put in my arms and midwife rushed back next door. Another midwife was just arriving at this time so I wasn’t on my own for long with the baby before she bustled in.

9 pounds 6 this time, no drugs again. She was born at 5.22. I was at home in my own bed by noon. They made me stay for 6 hours then I think they were as glad to get rid of me as I was to leave!

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