Baby number 2

We married when our eldest was 3. Our wedding day was THE best day. I felt like a princess. She was my only bridesmaid. She swung in between hubby and I as we said our vows, she danced our first dance with us. She fell asleep in my arms covered in profiteroles and I carried her around for the rest of the evening.  It was a great day.

Once we were married I said that I wanted to have a baby straight away. I took my last packet of pills shortly after we were married, had 1 period and then was pregnant.  Woo Hoo, that was easy. Another amazingly easy pregnancy followed.  My due date was the day AFTER my daughters 4th birthday. I spent all day praying that I wouldnt go into labour, and then woke up the next morning knowing that today was the day.

My boy was born on his due date. It wasn’t an easy labour, the midwife told me that I HAD to have pain relief. I ignored her. She told me that she would not examine me again because I’d only been 4cm 20 minutes before. I made her examine me again. I was 9cm and still waters not broke.  She agreed reluctantly to break my waters and as she did, all hell broke loose.  There was meconium and I promptly threw up. She ran from the room screaming in the corridor that she needed a peadiatrician and another midwife that we had a serious problem. I ignored her, I could tell that this was going to happen quickly. She had barely made it back to the bed before I was pushing, she told me to stop but I didn’t. I couldn’t.

My son was born 10 minutes after she broke my waters, weighing 9 pounds 2. No pain relief again, I was proud of this. I joke and say that the difference in the births was amazing, my daughter popped out all blue and spaced out, opened her eyes and looked around at me before realising who I was. My son came out covered in shit and screaming.

I had to stay in hospital for 24 hours because of the meconium. This was about 20 hours too long for me! I was desperate to get back to my daughter.

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