I’ve always believed in fate, I’m a very spiritual person.

Yesterday I drove into work for the first time in weeks. I just woke up in the morning and decided that I didn’t want to cycle and that I wanted to drive. When I got into work there was only 5 people in the office, one of them being my very best friend in the world. I said to her, “hey, bitch, I’ve got the car today – want to go on an adventure at lunchtime?” She laughed and said it was well overdue my turn to drive (I offer her a backie on my bike when we go to the pub but she never accepts) and we carried on working.

At lunchtime she received a personal call that threw her life into panic. I calmly logged off her machine, gave her keys to a co-worker to go and walk her dogs, rang her childminder to look after he daughter for longer, placed her in my car and drove her to Leeds. 3.5 hours there, 6 hours sitting in the hospital and then 5 hour drive home.  If I’d cycled into work we’d have been screwed as I’m not insured to drive her car.

Someone knew I’d need my car yesterday.

On the way home I decided to get off the M1 at Leicester and cut cross country to pick up the A1. I was following the maps on my iphone, the little blue dot was gradually seeing us home. When we came off the M1 the blue dot didn’t move.  For 12 minutes I drove in the right direction, following the signs, saying to my friend “The blue dot hasn’t moved. For fucking fucks sakes, it think’s we’re still at the M1 junction, what’s going on?” I swear that we drove in a pretty straight line for those 12 minutes, I would put my hand on my heart and say that we did not go around in a circle.

Suddenly we came to a roundabout and I couldn’t believe to see that we were back at the same M1 junction where we had left 12 minutes previously!  I went all the way around and back in the same direction again.  Same thing happened. 12 minutes later we were back in the same place.  I gave up, got back on the M1 and the blue dot immediately started to move.

I didn’t look up to see if anything had happened on the road I wanted to take but SOMEONE wanted us to be on the M1 and not the A1 at that point. I didn’t argue once I realised what was happening, who am I to interfere with fate?

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