Looking forward

What happened to July?  I’m not sure why I stopped blogging for a few weeks, I think that there has just been so much happening that sometimes its hard to put it into words.  I’m still writing, for other people not for myself, so I’m getting my word release but I still feel pent up, as though I have so much inside of me that needs to get out.

Twitter is back to being a lot of fun again, keeping my thoughts to 140 characters is challenging sometimes but then I know I can come here and just talk and dump my thoughts.

I’m not totally happy at work, its not that I’m doing what I used to do for myself for someone else – I think I’ve outgrown this industry. I have so many business ideas in my head but I’m lacking in the confidence to go ahead with them, that and the cash. My plan for the rest of this year is to survive, to begin my new life with the kids in our house on our own and to rediscover our family dynamics. I’m applying for jobs in the city, back in the banking industry where I used to belong but can I really go back?

I’ve done some NLP training and one of their theories that I remember is that everyone is either moving away from something or towards something. I feel that my marriage break up is me moving towards reclaiming myself rather than moving away from my marriage but I can’t see how moving back to the city is anything other than moving backwards. The money would be great but the commute and the long hours and the not seeing as much of the kids, I’m just not sure. Lets see what happens with the interviews and I’ll work it out when I have to I guess, there might not be the right job out there for me.

Today is a planning day at work, team meetings, note taking and Krispy Kremes for afternoon tea. Its not ALL bad.

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