Sleep, and why I need it.

I am one of these people who need to sleep.  Lots.  I can’t get away with just a few hours a night, 8 is perfect for me, 6 is just about bearable.  I’ve been blessed with 4 children who sleep amazingly well.  The youngest one slept through the night from about 3 weeks old, despite being breastfed.  When I say slept through the night, she would sleep for 8 hours, rousing about half way through for a dreamfeed.  Perfect.

Now all 4 of them go to bed between 7.30 and 8 and I rarely hear from any of them before 6am the next morning. I’d love it to be 7 but there you go.  Last night was different however..  Hubby worked nights and I went to bed at about 10,30 after watching the first 2 episodes of Dexter series 6.   Hubby got up at 11.30 to go to work and woke me up doing so.  The youngest had a nightmare about biscuits at 2.30 and I had to get up to settle her.  Then at 3.30 the next one up wet the bed so I had to shower her, strip the bed, remake it etc.  At 4.30 it was time for another biscuit nightmare from the youngest and then at 5.30 hubby came in from work.  At 6.15 the littlest one came bounding into my bedroom shouting “hello, hello, I awake now” and waving a flag.  I decided to break all my rules about TV and we are now sitting on the sofa watching Gnomeo and Juliet.

She loves this film, she has memorised pretty much the whole film, its odd to hear her speaking along with all the little characters on the screen.  My grown up funny little 2 year old.  The big kids will be cross when they come down and find us watching the forbidden TV.  Lucky for me the weather looks OK so that I can take them out to the forest or something.  Having to keep them all quiet while hubby sleeps off his nights work is hard if we can’t leave the house.

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