Quiet day needed today

Sunday 24th June

3am – 4am : get up, get Brooke up, straighten her hair, drive to school
4am – 4.30am : wait at school for late minibus drivers
4.30am – 8.30am : drive to Manchester velodrome for the National Cheerleading championships with 20 pre teens
8.30am – 9.00am : park, get off minibus, check in
9.12am – 9.16am : Our team performs their routine in front of about 500 people at the Velodrome.  They are amazing, no drops and really in time.  I cry with pride
9.17am – 5.00pm : we sit on tiny seats in the Velodrome and watch the remaining 104 teams perform their routines.  (with a small break to walk to Asda to buy a dress, which I’m wearing today, and to get some much needed fresh air)
5.00pm – 5.30pm : Presentation and results.  We get 6th place, collect trophy and run for the minibus
5.30pm – midnight : horrendous drive home from Manchester including the A1 being shut, us getting lost and lots of hyper girls singing.
midnight – to 00.15 : drive home from school, collapse into bed until 6am this morning.

As much as it was a LONG, tiring and stressful day for all of us it was the best day I’ve had in a long while.  I was so proud of my big girl, how brave of them to get out there on stage in front of the judges and so many people watching and perform.  I am especially proud of the fact that a few years ago we didn’t think Brooke would be able to join in with activities like this, all it took yesterday was a bit of special treatment and a form to fill out and she was just the same as all the other girls.  I hope when she is older she’ll be happy to speak out about what she is going through and let other girls know that its not the end of the world and that you can have a normal life but I respect her wishes at the moment where she doesn’t talk about it to anyone.  It made me want to shout it out to the world yesterday though so that everyone knows just how special she is. I love my kids so much.

I cried twice, once at our team and once at the disabled cheerleading squad and at the reaction that all the other cheerleaders gave them.  Its the first time I’ve been involved with the UK cheerleading scene and I was impressed at both the quality of the cheers and also the sportsmanship of the squads.  Its great to see them all lined up in the spectators area cheering on the other teams and generally having a good day.  It was a real girl power day, there were a few boys competing and some dads in the audience but on the whole it was about the girls, with Beyonce’s “Who Rules the world?  Girls!” some featuring in a fair few of the routines.

Now all I need is some sleep and I’ll be happy!

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