This week

Where has it gone?  Its been a busy week for me, not much running but lots of cycling and sorting stuff out and making plans and organising stuff.  I’ve enjoyed it on the whole I think.  I’ve had lots of people in and out of the office with me, when I decided to keep on the office after ACM I knew it would be too big for me to manage on my own with my new business plans being small for a while and not able to carry the rent.  I’ve had ads out there to rent out some of the space to other people and its been nice to have them in the office this week.

The first batch of the mags are due out end of next week, how strange its going to be to see them on the shelves.  I’ll be able to pinch a copy of SH and MQ from Jenna and mum (esp as one of my kids is in this issue of SH modeling a dress that was shot a while ago)  I think that this will be the final stage in my letting go, seeing the magazines out there without my name on and without having held their hands from concept through to publishing.  End of an era, but in a good way.

I’ve been applying for jobs but not been too successful at getting interviews, there is a fair amount of work out there though so I’m hopeful that its just a matter of time before either my new plans work out or I land a proper job with someone else…

All this cycling into work has been a nightmare for a couple of reasons, the rain makes the track really muddy so I often get here covered in mud splash!  What is also hard is that the trees are growing over the track so there are a couple of spots where I have to duck down to avoid cycling into a low hanging branch type thing, its like an obstacle course…  Then there is the fact that my fave jeans have been ripped to shreds by my bike this week, just the right leg.  I need an elastic band or buldog clip or something.

I sat at my desk yesterday and patched the hole.  Not sure how long it will last.  I nicked some scraps of fabric from Jenna and sewed them inside the hole leaving it so that you could see the fabric from through the jeans, if that makes any sense at all.  I’ll try and take some pics to show how it looks.  It does the job, hole fixed but unless I sort out the jeans v bike problem I think its going to be an ongoing issue.

Apart from my Anneka rice impression where I ran around the airport with a wallet in my hand trying to find the person who I had dropped off and who had gone through passport control without their wallet that’s about all that has happened this week.  Its all about the kids for me next week so less work work and more home work.  I plan to spend at least some of it walking around the house in my new shoes that I got for my birthday, breaking them in before an important meeting I have booked in for the week after next.  Bring on the blisters.

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