Junky TV and Happy Hobbies

I don’t watch much TV, it doesn’t interest me much.  I do love DVD box sets, currently working through the Mentalist and other favourites include the Wire, House, ER, Dexter (loooooooove Dexter) The Killing (but not the subtitled versions, sorry but I can’t knit and watch subtitles at the same time) and Prison Break. When I do get chance to be in charge of the remote control I seem to favour junk TV. Such as :

Come dine with me
Cake Boss
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Maury (but only VERY occasionally as he is really too much sometimes!)


I had a bit of a junk TV fest at the weekend, its filled a gap for a while, I’ll stick to knitting, playing words with friends and reading I think for a while now.

Knitting is an odd one at the moment, its the first time in over 5 years that I haven’t been connected with a knitting magazine.  I kind of feel as though I have the time now to knit what I want and not things that will fill gaps for the editors. I don’t feel the same about sewing, I’ve always continued to sew for myself and the kids and only occasionally had projects in SH so not being involved with that doesn’t feel odd.  I do kind of feel as though I have my hobby back with knitting which is kinda nice.

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