Cake and Keep Fit

I think this is going to turn into a keep fit and eat cake blog, which may not make much sense but that’s the way it is right now.

My first week of trying to get back into exercising properly and I’ve ran 4 miles and cycled 15 which isn’t as much as I wanted to run but the cycling is about right.  Tonight’s run was to the forest in the rain, splashing through mud, avoiding slugs (gross) and meeting a friend and her alsation and getting even muddier when she jumped up to say hello. It was a strange run, I only did 1.5 miles but my legs felt like lead. I struggled to keep going not because I was short of breath and shattered but because my legs ached tonnes.  At least the rain meant I didn’t swallow any flies, unlike yesterday’s run in the sun.  Nice…

I  made these cupcakes yesterday morning, there are none left now.  This is why I can’t lose weight. As much as I exercise I also make and eat cupcakes.  Now if only I could cut back on the junk then I may make some headway into losing weight.

I’m on another cupcake making class this week, I cancelled the one booked for next week as it would have just been awkward to attend and I’m super excited about this week’s one.  The beginners cake decorating class I did where I learned to make cakes like the ones above was great, this week is all about cake pops – I’m not sure what class I want to take next….



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