Last night

I didn’t make it for a run last night, mainly due to a blister the size of a grape on the back of my foot. I must get some new trainers.  But I did cycle an extra 4 miles which was nice, nowhere near as good for me as running though.  Its nice to have the time out in the fresh air, I need to find some new cycle routes though, 2 days in a row I’ve arrived at work with mud splashed all up my legs from the puddles on the track and nettle stings from where its a little overgrown in places!

We’ve started watching PLanet earth on DVD with the kids, one episode a night. Last night was a mountain one, I was sitting and sewing a top for my friend’s wedding so didn’t pay too much attention to it.  I thought I’d got away without any more crafting for a while until Claire asked me to make her a top to  wear, how could I refuse – keeps my hands busy at night when I’m watching TV.  I may share pics of it if it actually works!

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