Handmade Fashion


Em and Rob have worked long and hard on this new launch. Most of the production was done over the period when we were without an office and internet, a whole company full of people working from home, in business centres and in an office without any connectivity. To say it was a hard time for us is an understatement, it was the worst time for us.

However, Em’s vision for this magazine was relentless and Rob’s design skills and understanding of what Em wanted to achieve matched that. The finished magazine is nothing short of amazing, its almost 200 pages full of the best in handmade fashion for Spring Summer 2012. It doesn’t look like one of our craft magazines. It is special.

We had a brilliant launch party for the magazine last night, over 50 people turned up and jived and watched the fashion show and generally drank cocktails and relaxed.  We sold lots of magazines and had a really good time, despite the fact that I absolutely wasn’t in the mood to have fun.

This weekend is all about a bit of handmade fashion, sewing and knitting and baking are the order of the weekend. With a little bit of housework thrown in for good measure I suppose.

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