Open day in the ACM office.

L to right Lilly (IC reader) Katie (work experience on MQ) Helen (MQ reader) Vick (MQ editor) Ali (IC reader) Mandy (SH reader) Vanessa (K reader) Beth Butcher (all of the mags reader!!) Em (publisher) Camilla (Knit and IC reader) Naomi (KNIT editor)  Lesley (KNIT tech editor)  Laura (KNIT and new launch editor)  Adrian (IC staff)  Nicky Trench and her friend had already left before the group photo!

Today was our first open day in the All Craft Media office, it was fantastic.  A lot of hard work but worth every minute of it.

We had 10 people in the office for a few hours, this is what we got up to :

11am – everyone picked up from station or met as they drove in.  Cake and tea and coffee in the meeting room followed by introduction from Kerrie.

11.20 ish – editors come in to meet everyone, bringing lots of samples with them for the next few issues. Open discussion around the magazines, the samples and plans. Editors also bring flatplans for the next few issues and explain the process of making the magazines. Question and asnswers from both sides.

1pm – lunch, knitting, spinning, crochet etc

2pm – leave meeting room and wander through to the main office to meet the rest of the company.  See the art team working on the layout of the pages, meet Mandy who everyone in the world seems to know already and then round to the photography studio section.

2 – 2.45pm – photo shoot. Ross our photographer has a whole crowd of people following him around and watching him

More tea and cake and then home.

We’ll definitely be holding these days more often, it was great to get so many readers in one room – if you’re interested in coming along to the next one just let us know by emailing

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