A day in the life of a 2 year old

Today Wayne and I only have our 2 year old at home, the rest are out with their aunt doing grown up things on the last day of the holidays.

I realised this morning that we never ask Reid what she wants to do as she always just follows the rest of us around so when we had eaten breakfast I said to her, right then Reid – what are we going to do today.

First on the list, painting. Followed by colouring. So we sat at the kitchen table and made a good old mess. We drew flowers, cars, christmas trees, drew around out hands and painted them, used our thumbs and fingers and an old eraser to paint with and had a good old time. Then she stopped, said I’m finished now, lets wash our hands and that was the end of painting.

Then she wanted to go for a walk. So we put on our wellies and hats and headed out to the Flitch way (this is an old train track that hasn’t been used for years and that runs 15 miles – its about 20 yards from our back door) We walked, climbed hills, stomped in mud and puddles, picked some grass, played with sticks, chased dogs, said morning to people on bikes and joggers and stood under the bridge and shouted hello and laughed at the echos.

On the way back she looked up at me and said “watch Gnomeo and Juliet next?” with such a smile on her face that I couldn’t say no. We got home and she sat on the sofa and asked for the quilt over her. I sat next to her, she covered me up to and then shouted “dad, we’re ready now”

So here we are on the sofa watching Gnomeo and Juliet. I wonder what she has in mind for us this afternoon? I love this little one….



  1. Excellent day! Sounds like the kind of day my 2 year old would love too!

  2. kerrie allman

    Thanks! It was a lovely day, 2 year olds are great aren’t they?

  3. How lovely that she got to choose, I bet she felt so special! You’re right number 4 does just get dragged along whether they like it or not!!

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