One thing that I want to do in January is to get my Klout score up to above 60. Now its hovering at 58.

I know some people don’t value Klout scores and that there is a lot of general unrest about the whole “who’s popular on the internet” culture but it suits my competitive nature to have a number next to my name. Its suits the control freak in me to be able to post lots on twitter and fb and here and actively try to connect to people and open discussions and see what effect that has on my Klout score. I like it.

But I’d like it even more if I could get my score up to over 60.



  1. Abby

    never heard about Klout before but apparently my score is 48.49 LOL!!

  2. Well mine is 41. I am feeling wholly inadequate now 😉 How do I make it better?

  3. kerrie allman

    I think that once you’ve signed up for an account the more you blog / fb and tweet the higher your score goes. I’m creeping up!

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