Here are a few of my favourite 2011 bookmarks

Here are a few of my favourite things….

– I am going to buy this pattern and make this skirt.

– I have a million bags, and one other Cath Kidston messenger bag already but I’d love this one too.

This headband is really cute, as are lots of the other goodies on this page.

– One of the online people who I respect a lot is Denise from Matilda Jane.  She has no idea who I am but her excitement and business passion is contagious, I love her clothes, I love her blog and I love her writing style.

– This website makes me want to get married all over again. And since we found out that the wedding Wayne and I had back in 2003 may not be legal (the short story is church wedding, vicar later arrested for fake marriages, no record of our wedding anywhere at all, he either destroyed records or we were never actually married!) then we may just have to do it. Either that or both run very fast in opposite directions, we haven’t made our minds up yet.

This post touched me and made me cry. Its in my favourites and I go back and re-read it every now and again. The subject of depression is a whole other conversation that needs to be had but not right now.

Brilliant hats, I have a whole bag of T shirts to one side to make them.

– I discovered this clothing range in New York a few years ago. Still love everything about them. Now they ship to the UK. Dangerous.

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