2011 – a brief recap

With only 6 hours to go until next year its time for my mini recap of 2011.  I’ve spoiled myself with lovely Marks and Spencers food for this evening, I almost can’t wait to get these kids to bed.

A lot has happened this year. Business wise we’ve had some good times and some very very bad times.  Personal wise its been OK, but next year needs to be better!

The best thing that has happened this year :

Launching Handmade Living and seeing the amazing response to the magazine that Charlotte and I have dreamed of for the longest time. Mum and I saw a lady in WHS in Cambridge today who picked it up off the shelf to buy, I think we scared her though when we announced who we were and practically stalked her to the checkout!

The worst thing that has happened this year :

KAL Media going into liquidation.

What am I most proud of?

Keeping going. When I’ve wanted to curl up in a ball and quit so many times these last 12 months I’m really proud of every day that I manage to get out of bed and get on with it.

What have I learned about myself?

That its OK to admit to making mistakes and its OK to hate yourself for making them, but don’t dwell. Move on.

What new skills have I learned?

How to run!  This time last year I had never even run for a bus.  Now I can run 5 miles.  I was also reminded by clever mum in Cambridge this afternoon that you can only rely on YOU to make YOU happy.  If you’re happy then anyone else can come along for the ride but you can’t rely on them to make you happy.

Here’s to a successful 2012 for us all!

Happy New Year!  xx

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