Affiliate marketing programme

One thing that I’ve wanted to do for ages is to find a way to encourage the great online community out there to tell their friends and family about our magazines and hopefully for them to make a little bit of money in doing so.

Finally I’ve worked out how to do it.

If you join our affiliate marketing programme you will be given a unique code which will act as a discount code in our shopping cart.  Anyone who places an order using this code will receive an 10% discount on whatever they are buying and you will also receive 10% of their order as a thank you for introducing them to us.  This means that if someone orders a years subscription to Inside Crochet using your discount code they will pay £43.20 instead of £48 and you’ll receive £4.32 as a paypal payment within 7 days of their order.

When you have applied for your code you can use it anywhere, in emails, on your blog, on twitter or facebook, give it out to your friends at your knitting / crochet groups or just tell strangers in the street about us!

This is my gift to you for 2012, its the best way I can think of to say thanks for spreading the word about my magazines in 2011 and please – keep on recommending us to your friends next year!

If you want to apply to join our affiliate marketing programme please leave me a comment here or email me at allman.kerrie AT and I will send you a form to complete as soon as I can.  I’ll set up a blogroll list here for anyone that wants me to link to their site as well as an extra thank you.



  1. I’d love to sign in…

  2. I’d like a form please 🙂

    Email: Rachael @


  3. kerrie allman

    I’ll be sending out these tomorrow and Friday to anyone who has requested the info, thanks all of you for being part of this! x

  4. Hi, if it’s not too late I’d be interested in this, thanks.

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